Who is Pole Geek:

Pole Geek is me, Jillian, a Los Angeles based clothing and costume designer, writer (see credits below), illustrator, and cat lady. I took my first pole class in August of 2011 and my life has been changed ever since!

Who is Pole Geek for:

Pole dancers, wannabe fitness nerds, body-positive babes, costume and rhinestone junkies, and anyone wants to join in on my creative and health journey!

What is Pole Geek:

Pole Geek is where I share the ups and downs of pole training, body love, and the path to a happier and more creative lifestyle. You’ll find:

  • My favorite work-out wear plus reviews
  • DIY tutorials for costumes, props, workout wear and more
  • My personal pole, health, and body journey
  • A celebration of our unique bodies
  • Fun stuff like quizzes, artwork, and more



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